Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves

What a experience! ( Nature)

I look up, the peak of mountain peering down on the lake,
 her peaks inviting me up for a climb and adventure. 
I can feel a smile forming on my face 
as I exhale at the beauty of all that is around me.


Today someone told me I am a Sikh. I did not really know what that meant but I probably am. I am not religious person like her. I do not enjoy rituals, dogma, idols or traditions that are typical of religion, but nature.

I studied every religions on my own for a few years. I am very curious to learn how every religion's philosophy are similar and how different and how I might be one or the other or neither and of course, in the end, will not accept any label anyone else gives me but might happily label myself, because i am happy with nature- nature is a my way


My understanding always flirt with me, because I love myself. So, I am engaged with my romantic mood. Now; marry silence and divorce the attachment,This is my beautiful life

= Every breath you have ever taken has been in the present moment. 
= Every thought you have ever had has been in the present moment. 
= Every experience has been in the present moment. 

That’s who we are. We are that which is always present in every moment.

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