Have a beautiful life

Have a beautiful life

What we are. (Timelessness)

Must that not always appear as 'me'?
Whenever there is experience, cognizance, is there not also the presence of 'me'?

We can all say 'intemporal, I am time: temporal, I am eternal'

What we experience - we are
Time is subjective, but it is conceptualized as an object to which 'We' are apparently subservient, but which is only an image in mind. In that respect and also, it is what we are - for what-we-are is subjective and is conceptualized as an object in mind which is not I but 'me'
We are no longer plural, nor singular either.

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What a beautiful beauty all around us

What a beautiful beauty all around us
It is never too late to change. Everyday is new. Every breath is fresh new air. Life continuously renews itself. why should we not? All it takes is the choice to let go of the past. of that which does not work anymore and embrace the new with openness