Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves

Taste of awareness

As I proceed to the park,
 I feel myself inseparable from the total stillness of this loving space.
 The mind is quiet and peaceful, the body relaxed and its movements easy. 
As I begin look around everything,
 the sweet quietness envelopes us. 
I slowly realize that I feel intimate not only with myself,
 but also with the trees, flowing water, flowers, and 
even with the wood fence.
 I feel intimate with everything I am aware of, 
in an atmosphere of gentle quiet 
and relaxed openness. 
I feel everything is open for each other- 
we are one-
this openness give me taste of sweetness of love 
not only my tongue but all my being, 
I feel this wonderful taste on my head 
and my stomach...


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