Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves

Silence & Words ( comparison)

Today, I have two activities at my disposal: 
silence and writing. 
Silence is linking me to the Universe, 
and writing links me to the world.
 As experience blossoms in deep, 
profound silence, 
and this silence is an ideal, 
aromatic feeling which sheds its aroma in one’s identity
 or individuality,
 which through writing also reveals 
and expresses itself....

 There is a space without limit, 
without borders, 
without time or comparison. 
Seek this out. 
I know we know of this; 
I know we have experienced this.
 Look for this and you will be amazed. 
Then while we are awake look for this again. 
Perhaps we can relax into it right now: 
the space where we are not, where time is not, 
which there is no border and no need of comparison.
 There is deep Silence,
 shining brightly within us 
without every second of our life: 
sleeping and waking.

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