Bless You

Bless You
Following the trail of colorful emotions and beautiful divine relationships. Now life Blossoms, beginning to love because it is a vibrant land of love and a beautiful feelings to wander across the heart during the journey of awakening. But here are some of the most stunning moments to witness life in full bloom with divine relationship and divine action like spring...And now thoughts are in bloom.

Spiritual dignity

'Love' It's the only human quality that impresses me 
- love in its pure form, or love as selfless giving. 
That's the only thing that impresses me 
about a person. 
The only reason I want to work with a person is 
I see that they have some possibility of manifesting a higher love.
 The only reason I ever work with a person 
at a closer distance is because they lead a life
 of self-sacrifice, 
and they have a great deal of purity
 which has been won through continuous love 
in this 
other lifetimes
Spiritual dignity says 
I don't have to compete with anyone,
 I don't have to do what my friends do.
 All I have to do is be myself 
and be dignified 
in my love 
 in my silence.

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