Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Feeling of identity (real identity)

Even though I experience myself as an infinite black depth,
 when I try to sense the texture or quality of the presence, 
I find nothing.
 It is as if the essence of this clear black-clear white presence 
is absence without the sensation 
of absence.

It is absolutely nothing, 

so there is nothing for it to be aware of when it is aware of itself. 

There is identification with the absolute,

 just as with the clear crystalline presence.

 I experience it as my very identity, 

as the very substance of me.

 Yet there is no feeling of identity. 

I am identified with the absolute, 

without the concept or feeling of identity or self. 

There is no feeling of I, 

or identity, 
just the apperception of the absolute, 
recognizing I am none other than that.

' I' is lightness, vastness, depth and mystery,
everything is a luminous image
floating on the surface



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