Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

The Robe is made of morality ( Turban & Veil )

Wisdom is the "male" or expressive side of Being, while love is the "female" or receptive side of Being. Wisdom is the father quality of God and love is the mother quality. In every idea there exist these two qualities of mind, which unite in order to increase and bring forth under divine law.

Divine Mind blessed the union of wisdom and love and pronounced on them the increase of Spirit. When wisdom and love are unified in the individual consciousness, human is a master of ideas and brings forth under the original creative law.

A wise person realizes that the fundamental basis of all religions and beliefs is one: Haq, or truth. The truth has always been covered by two garments: a turban/veil on the head, and a robe upon the body.

The turban/veil is made of mystery known as mysticism, and the robe is made of morality, which is called religion.

God is power: human is powerful.
God is wisdom: human is wise. 
God is substance: human is form and shape. 
God is love: human is loving. 
God is life: human is the living.      

God is mind: human is the thinker. 
God is truth: human is truthful.


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