Game of Death ( Corona Virus )

Game of Death   ( Corona Virus )
Following the trail of colorful emotions and beautiful divine relationships. Now life Blossoms, beginning to love because it is a vibrant land of love and a beautiful feelings to wander across the heart during the journey of awakening. But here are some of the most stunning moments to witness life in full bloom with divine relationship and divine action like spring...And now thoughts are in bloom

New spring

The senses are new senses, emotions new emotions; reason, affections, imagination, are all new-born. The change is greater than I knows; feel marvels at the powers in own-self which the Breath is opening and calling forth. Let life's breath kindle new #spring-time

When, however, We come into the realization of our oneness with the Infinite Life and Power, and open our own-self that it may work through us, we will find that we have entered upon an entirely new phase of life...

We need one who will teach us first 'how to live'. Living quite invariably precedes dying. This also is true, that when we once know how to live, and live in accordance with what we know, then the dying, as we term it, will in a wonderfully beautiful manner take care of itself. It is in fact the only way in which it can be taken care of.

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Love you

Love you


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