Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves

We ignore Death


We don't see our life including Death. We just see birth and living and we ignore Death

Death is never [our] own personal experience until we really die, 
and when we die we can't experience it 
because there is no I, no us.
 Death is something we never experience. 
We know death through other people's death, 
other people dying. 
It's always about other people. 
People who were here somehow disappear, 
and we don't like it - 
we have fear. 
So we try not to see that reality that we will die 100%. 
It's really a very clear reality that we are going to die
 - we are heading to death,
 but we don't see it. 
We try to ignore it 
we try to be happy during the time between our birth and death. 
We only see this range, 
from birth to death. 
We want to be happy, 
healthy, rich, wise, 
whatever we feel is nice

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