My Profession is to always find God in Nature

My Profession is to always find God in Nature
What I knew was that the silence blossomed the heart. When the heart blossomed, there was a feeling of love. The romance started with me. When my romantic-mind took all my stress from me all the time, I could not know. I who I am, I am unknown, today I remembered Buddha in unknown happiness

The best way of living ( Natural life)

If I gaze towards the world,
 I feel the time of suffering;

the nature, I look the time of virtue;

the science, I see the treasure of knowledge;

the religion, I sense the time of war;

the technology, I feel the time of closeness;

the cultures, i see the time of blooms;

the nations, I feel the time of enlightenment;

the creation, I realize the aroma of purity;


If I gaze towards Shaheer, I realize the time of love...

All the world's religious saints and prophets hold love as a central value, the glue that anchors the universe.
We hear, "Love makes the world go round," and "Love heals all wounds." These are familiar themes: love of friends, ideas, and self. Love of God and of country. Even love of life itself. If I could only have one word for all eternity, love would be my choice.

Love you

Love you


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