Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Spiritual practices lead to spiritual advancement only when they produce greater harmony in our system of relationships


Good Relationships are like Beautiful garden, 
Both take 
LOVE to Grow

All of humanity is our family- 
a nation 
that knows no borders

That is why the idea of relationship
 is so important to our spiritual realization.
 The human being is inseparable from the universe: 
we are and we live in relationships. 
Yet our relationship with the world is for the most part unknown to us; 
we are aware of only some of our relationships, 
especially those which we voluntarily choose
But we live in relationship whether we want to or not, 
whether we realize it or not. 
Nothing exists apart from us; 
everything exists along with us--it includes us. 
For a better society to be possible,
 we all need to learn to live together 
in harmonious relationships


Again, '' I am an Idiot being because of my Love... This Love is my weakness and always make me MAD. But, When ever my being is fulfilled with Love, then my Actions are like child. And I feel that i am mad-child but my heart always feels happiness and peace then i said myself, LOOK Shaheer, MADNESS IS GENIUS"

The art of living spiritual life is based on love 
and is expressed in relationships. 
To love and to relate are the same thing; 
as our relationships become conscious, 
we become conscious of love. 
The quality of our relationships shows the nature of that love. 
When we relate consciously 
harmoniously with our reality--
which is everything--
our love likewise expands and embraces all that is.


We are divorced couple but never fought ;
 From last 25 years: 
We are living together in divine-relationship 
and we are best friend. 
It is to transform living into an Art. 
Spiritual life and the art of living are,
 therefore, two ways of referring to the same thing.
 A real relationship is when two people are working. 
It can be in essence.
 When he is asleep she must be awake. 
When she is asleep he must be awake. 
 When One is angry, 
2nd one is silent.

We live in relationship,
 not only with other persons 
our immediate surroundings but with the world, 
with time 
with the mystery of not knowing who we are,
 where we came from and where we are going. 
Most especially we need to remember
 we live in relationship 
                           with the fundamental principle of the Universe,
                              which we call God or the Divine.

When we say that we want to be happy, 
that we yearn for fulfillment, 
we are actually expressing the human need to unveil 
the mystery of the Divine. 
We know that explanations of life 
the world are not enough. 
We find real fulfillment and happiness
when the Divine becomes part of 
our self- awareness.


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