Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Tell tomorrow to stay where it is


Who shall I say,' What I am or Who am I ?' 

Today JOY, because at one time i was at the bottom of bitterpet... 

Today SILENCE, because at one point in life i was lost in the crowd of words... 

Today FREEDOM, because at once i was mingled in the web of mind... 

Today LOVE, because i was once suffering in hate... 
What is this JOY? 
= Ultimate satisfaction... 
What is this SILENCE? 
= Totality... 
What is this FREEDOM? 
= Carefreeness... 
Then what is the meaning of this LOVE? 
= love is the fragrance of this satisfaction,totality, and freedom; 
1= Which breeds thru spic and becomes part of creation... 
2= Which is a drop what rains in desert and thirst; 
This thirst recognized thirsty being, but the thirsty being is not aware of own thirst... 
Then thirsty being ask the thirst that 'Who are you?' 
Then Thirst replied; 
" I have taken birth from you. I am only you. I am your totality in the being of thirst and i am the one which awakes your totality being, but then i am only love and this shape of life is my path which reveals me, just me."

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