My life renews in fall

My life renews in fall
मैं भरपूर खालीपन की एक वजूद हूँ, जिस में मेरा अनुभव पूर्ण संतुष्टि का है। जिस में मैंने देखा कि मैं ही मेरा एक ऐसा पतझड़ का मौसम हूँ, जिस की हर सोच और भावना ,मन की पेड़ से ऐसे झड़ गई,जैसे कि पत्ता झड़ता है। मेरा यह पतझड़ मेरे लिए असली बहार ऋतू बन गया- मतलब कि मेरी 'जीवन-मुक्ति' बन गया


Shapeless Universe but in shape

 When my consciousness shows me the space in my own concious form, then I see how the space which is my shape is now space. Is made and how many possibilities are seen in this space which can take shape.

 On the other hand, which is my shape, the particle which holds the shape, it appears only a streak drawn in the air.

 How could my consciousness have held this entire universe within me, amazing!

Today, when I see all this, I remember that thing in the religious texts, when the sages and monks said that 'what is in the universe - it is in the egg' just like that when the sage and sage said that 'which is the ocean - that is the drop' is '

How do I tell this thing, what is visible, it is very big, and it is not getting easier to describe it. Today for the first time I learned that deep experience can only be experienced - words have no merit, so that they can describe the experience of experience with words.

Still I try to say something.

 My inflexibility is such that it is non-formless that it digests every form in such a way that if we want to see the form, we will not be able to see the form; But the experience of this, we will become the same.

If I want to see that which is without form, we will see it easily.

Meaning that we can feel the non-shape of that which is our shape, and that which is our non-shapeless shape, we will easily accept it.

 This means that whatever we are born, we only experience the size of our birth till date, we cannot see it. What we call death, we can only see it endured.

Why so ?

The one who is close - he is not visible, the one who is far away - he is seen


Just as everyone can see with the eye and cannot see eye to eye only.


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