My life renews in fall

My life renews in fall
मैं भरपूर खालीपन की एक वजूद हूँ, जिस में मेरा अनुभव पूर्ण संतुष्टि का है। जिस में मैंने देखा कि मैं ही मेरा एक ऐसा पतझड़ का मौसम हूँ, जिस की हर सोच और भावना ,मन की पेड़ से ऐसे झड़ गई,जैसे कि पत्ता झड़ता है। मेरा यह पतझड़ मेरे लिए असली बहार ऋतू बन गया- मतलब कि मेरी 'जीवन-मुक्ति' बन गया

Natural Meditation

Natural Meditation

Let's live for a few moments with nature!|| beautiful video for nature|| natural meditation

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'Nature' is also a method of natural meditation-'कुदरत' कुदरती ध्यान की विधि भी है। - 'Nature' is also a method of natural meditation. Read the biography of any Pir-Fakir. One will prove to be the lover of 'nature'. Because when we start on the spiritual path, this path goes from the middle of nature. Whether we travel from anywhere. Every living being has to pass through nature itself. What does spirituality mean? Spirituality only means that one should have knowledge of the entirety of life. Thanks to 'God' Whose creation is this. Thanks to 'technology' Because of which we all become one. Thanks to Facebook, Google, Pinterest, linkedin, Twitter and Youtube With whose hard work we got this land. A lot of love and blessings from the team of Thanks Music, Jin's Lagna created such music. Thanks

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