My life renews in fall

My life renews in fall
मैं भरपूर खालीपन की एक वजूद हूँ, जिस में मेरा अनुभव पूर्ण संतुष्टि का है। जिस में मैंने देखा कि मैं ही मेरा एक ऐसा पतझड़ का मौसम हूँ, जिस की हर सोच और भावना ,मन की पेड़ से ऐसे झड़ गई,जैसे कि पत्ता झड़ता है। मेरा यह पतझड़ मेरे लिए असली बहार ऋतू बन गया- मतलब कि मेरी 'जीवन-मुक्ति' बन गया



When life itself wants to look beautiful, then how does the tone of experiences make life a celebration- Wow! 

 I saw;
Very far away, even from the sky;
Very close, within me - closer than me;
I had a feeling - which was shapeless;
When I started looking at that feeling, how it started to take shape;
When I saw that I was born only for my feeling, then I let the emotion remain without any form.

Ever became a victim in the name of religion;
Politics sometimes hunted;
 Sometimes you become a victim of desire, sometimes you are a victim of desire;
Always remain hooked, didn't you ever want to become a hunter?
Such hunters that no one can hunt us.

Death is a hunter who hunts for life;
 Life has always been the food of death;
Life never took a deep breath under the open sky;
Come, let us all together fall prey to death and teach us the courage to live life and to live with courage.

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