The Artist will always produce Art

The Artist will always produce Art
यह कॉस्मिक कला एक ऐसी कलाकारी है, जो कि खालीपन पर खाली रंग से ही की गई है। जब हम इस कलाकारी को समझने के काबिल हो जातें हैं तो हम खुद के रहस्य से जानू हो जातें हैं

My Awakening

Mother said- act wisely
The father said - I am worried about you
There is no difference between the two
 So i just started loving

Mother said- Is the daughter like this?
 The father said - daughter is like this
 I have never learned to see anyone in any relationship,
I only saw '5 Tattas',
 So how would I see the relationship, religion or color?

Mother said - think of yourself
The father said - think of all
 What is the difference?
 When I looked at the lives of both of them, I stopped thinking
What was the result?

When I stopped thinking, my life flowed between me and you and I went on living every moment.


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