The Artist will always produce Art

The Artist will always produce Art
यह कॉस्मिक कला एक ऐसी कलाकारी है, जो कि खालीपन पर खाली रंग से ही की गई है। जब हम इस कलाकारी को समझने के काबिल हो जातें हैं तो हम खुद के रहस्य से जानू हो जातें हैं

Natural death?

Our life is such a state, in which we are all living by drinking poison. Whether we are good or we are bad; Whether we are right or we are wrong; All of us have lost your life. In this state, we all commit suicide. Whether to commit suicide slowly or do it quickly. There are very few who die a natural death.
Now the question will come in you, to whom do you call natural death? A natural death is an accident in this life, when we ourselves are filled with the desire to depart from life at our own will, the desire that comes from us in happiness and comfort not in pain.

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