The Artist will always produce Art

The Artist will always produce Art
यह कॉस्मिक कला एक ऐसी कलाकारी है, जो कि खालीपन पर खाली रंग से ही की गई है। जब हम इस कलाकारी को समझने के काबिल हो जातें हैं तो हम खुद के रहस्य से जानू हो जातें हैं

Who am I

I have a small identity of who I am, which I have written with spirit

When the questions raised in me took me to the ground of silence - I did not know; Then when my questions sprouted - I did not even know this; Then when thousands of experiences bloomed in me - I did not know; Then when my life was happy and I started dancing freely - I did not even know it. Today, when I saw that 40 years of my life had passed in that life - what the world calls 'spiritual life' - and I have always lived in it, then today my question keeps pointing fingers at these 40 years 'I spent this 40 years under what name and with what thought?' When my experiences gave me pin and paper in my hands - I did not even know. When today I have to give myself a name, then what name should I give, and whom should I name? Experiences gave me the art of writing, Experiences took birth from silence, And 40 years had passed. When today I feel that all this is what the world has called meditation, chanting, Dhyana, worship and what is called spiritual life. All of this went on in my life or should I say that I went through it all. Today I only know that I have always lived my life by witnessing what the Vedas called 'Neti Neti'. If silent meant meditation and my questions were the surreal-way for me - because the questions were born from soul. Today, when these experiences are filled with excitement to write themselves and my experiences that want to give themselves a shape, people say that - I am writing this while I see that it is my experiences themselves Writing. I am not a scribe, my experiences are rending itself. So what should I tell you to identify myself today that 'I am this, this is me?' I realize that I do not know this, I give it to all of you that you can give whatever you want to recognize me.


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